Gone are the days of a bulky hot water heater taking up space. Now, they’ve been replaced with highly efficient tankless or “on-demand” water heaters.

These innovative systems also save money, as they are very energy efficient.

Tankless water heaters don’t require a big, bulky storage tank to hold the hot water.

Without the restriction of having a bulky hot water tank, the on-demand water heaters can supply endless hot water.

Advantages of Instant Water Heaters

Some of the benefits of instant hot water heaters include:
• Significant savings on energy bills.
• Instant and uninterrupted hot water supply.
• No requirement for a bulky storage tank, which saves space.
• The lifespan of instantaneous hot water heaters is twice that of conventional water tank heaters.

Types of Tankless Water Heaters

1. Whole house units are installed centrally to ensure the hot water supply at all points in the home, replacing a standard tank water heater.

2. As needed, a point-of-use instant water heater unit can provide hot water to a single fixture in a home. For instance, if you want hot water for a remote sink, a point-of-use hot water heater unit could be installed underneath the sink.
Tankless water heaters use either gas or electricity as the source of energy.

Gas-Powered Instant Water Heaters

Gas-powered systems use natural gas or propane to heat the water. A gas line is connected to the water heater with vents to the outside.

The right-sized unit can deliver endless hot water for two major appliances at a time. So now, you can happily take a shower while running your washing machine.

Electric Instant Hot Water Heaters

An electrical element is used to heat water in the electric instant hot water heater.

The unit is hardwired to the electrical panel/circuit breaker. If the size of the unit is large, the existing electrical system may need an upgrade.

Electric tankless units are smaller and cheaper than gas units and don’t need any special venting.

Helpful Tips to get the Most of your Instant Water Heater

When investing in an instant water heater for your home, experts recommend buying an Energy Star certified instant heater.

These heaters are rated using EF (Energy Factor) where the higher the number, the more the energy efficiency.

Certified tankless heaters use less energy when compared to conventional tank heaters.

Whether your instant hot water heater system uses gas or is electric, another way to ensure maximum efficiency is to get it serviced periodically by a qualified technician.

We recommend following the manufacturer’s recommended servicing to ensure that your home water heater system is working efficiently.

Regular maintenance will identify potential issues and get them dealt without interruption of service.

Our knowledgeable team repairs and services all makes and models, and we offer emergency services.

If you need a new tankless water heater, know that there are financing options available for upgrades or replacements.

Your home will have reliable hot water and you will have lower energy bills.

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