Commercial HVAC systems can break down and it can be challenging to determine how
much useful life is left in the equipment. Repairing an outdated system may be throwing
good money after bad, as it may soon break down again.

Here is some information to help you decide if you should bite the bullet and invest in a new system to keep your heating and air
conditioning fully operational 24/7.

Symptoms of an HVAC System Needing Repair or Replacement

Heating and cooling equipment can be costly, so replacement is a major financial
decision. However, there are benefits to a new system.
Here are some signs that your HVAC system may need replacement:

  • Older equipment – with good maintenance HVAC systems can perform well for many years. However, newer energy-efficient systems are more cost-effective, which will offset some of the costs for upgrade and replacement.
  • Timing – a planned replacement has the benefit of time for a considered selection of the best equipment at the optimum price. On the other hand, a failed system will need to be replaced on an emergency basis, with typically fewer options.
  • Performance issues – over time, older systems lose their ability to keep your office or commercial space comfortable for staff or tenants. There could be thermostat problems, hot or cold spots, humidity problems or poor indoor air quality.
  • High energy costs – HVAC systems in commercial buildings can use up a lion’s share of the energy costs. A new high-performance system can save on energy and improve indoor air quality. New systems are more efficient and less expensive to operate. If your energy costs seem unreasonably high, consider replacing an aging system that is less effective.
  • Reliability – a commercial HVAC system needs to run efficiently and provide complete reliability. An ineffective system can also be a source of increased operational costs, in addition to any downtime it may be causing. When needed repairs are frequent and costly, it may be time for a replacement.
  • Regular maintenance – a well maintained system will last longer and be more efficient. However, if the equipment has not been well maintained, a better option is likely to be replacing the system.

An operational HVAC system is essential to comfort and temperature control.
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