During winter, you need your furnace working at peak performance. The best time to get it
serviced is before the cold winds start blowing.
Homeowners need to be vigilant and be aware of signs that their furnace is having operating
Most of these malfunction signs are caused by common factors and there are solutions to
fix them – some you can even do yourself.
Here are some of the common problems that affect furnaces and how to fix them.

1. Clogged Air Filter

One of the most common causes of a poorly performing furnace is a clogged air filter.
If you turn on your furnace and don’t get hot air coming through, it means you’ve most likely
got a clogged air filter.
This happens when dust builds up over time and the filter isn’t cleaned on a regular basis.
The accumulation of dust prevents the air from flowing through the system.
Make sure the air filters are cleaned or replaced on a regular basis.
If you clean or change out the filter and there is still an issue consider contacting a heating

2. Blower/Airflow Problems

If you’ve got issues with the airflow, its most likely the electric blower motor or a clogged
coil, provided the air filter is clean.
However, sometimes it can be the blower itself.
You may hear a high-pitched sound coming through the furnace, which can be an indicator
the blower motor bearings are failing.
You may also experience “short cycling”, which is often caused by a clogged evaporator coil
or secondary heat exchanger coil (gas furnaces).
This results in the furnace system overheating. It will then likely shut down.
Then it will cool and the furnace will kick in again, then overheat and shut down.
You want to get this resolved as soon as possible to avoid an accumulation of wear and
tear on the furnace. It can also result in tripped limits and system shut-downs.

3. Thermostat Issues

Furnaces can fail to work when there’s an issue with the thermostat.
This is common with programmable versions. People usually forget to change the settings,
which is common and can be fixed by simply resetting the thermostat.
Also check the batteries – the thermostat stops working when the batteries die.
A good practice is to replace the batteries every year in the fall.

These are some of the most common problems you’ll face with a furnace.
However, if you can’t find a solution, then contact us for reliable furnace repair and
Our knowledgeable team repairs and services all makes and models, and we offer
emergency services.

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